Lil Bytes: Halloween Candy Corn Pupsicles

Who says Halloween is just for humans? Let your pup in on the fun and whip up some easy DIY Halloween pupsicles for your dog!


1½ cups plain non-fat yogurt
1 banana
½ cup canned pumpkin
5 oz cup

Put 3-4 spoonfuls of yogurt into cup and freeze for 1-1½ hours. Mix pumpkin and 2 spoonfuls of yogurt together, and add 2nd layer into the cup. Freeze for 1-1½ hours. Mash banana and mix with 1 spoonful of yogurt. Add 3rd layer into cup, and freeze for 1-1½ hours. Remove from cup and serve.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Kimberly Tronic
Kimberly Tronic Marketing Mgr