Pet of the Week: Oscar


Oscar’s Petnet App Stats
Age: 2
Weight: 30 lbs
Activity Level: Active
Number of feedings per day: 2
Eating Portion routine: 3/4 cup
Food: Wellness TruFood Adult Recipe Salmon, Turkey Liver and Flaxseed


Oscar’s Bio
New York City
Birthday: March 1, 2013
Relationship Status: Completely available
How did you meet your Parents? I’ve arrived in their lives in the exact day I was turning 8 weeks old, I was so tiny! They gave me everything a pup could ever wish for, specially tons of love!
Favorite Snack? Ice!! Yes, ice! Totally obsessed! Can you give me some?
Favorite Toy? Anything that makes excessive noise!
Dislikes: Pepto Bismol. That’s right. Even though sometimes I’m mischievous and eat things I shouldn’t, Pepto Bismol scares me!
Hobbies: Exploring the city and marking new territories.
Fun Fact: I have lots of fun wearing costumes. I have been a clown, a bee, Santa Claus, Captain America and even the pop star Madonna! Yes, Madonna! Shhh..don’t tell anyone!


Follow Oscar!
Instagram: @oscarfrenchienyc
Facebook: @oscarthefrenchieinnyc
Snapchat: @oscarfrenchie

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