Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet  Read More

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us again. In the whirlwind to prepare for the festivities, it’s easy to forget a gift for your pets. We’re here to help you make up for that temporary m... Read More

Four of the Friendliest Cat Breeds

Four of the Friendliest Cat Breeds  Read More

Though cats may have a reputation for being aloof or antisocial, we know that’s not always the case. While some felines lead rather independent lives, certain breeds are known to be especially fr... Read More

Common Cat Allergies and How to Treat Them

Common Cat Allergies and How to Treat Them  Read More

If your cat is sneezing, wheezing, itching and scratching, they may be having an allergic reaction. When a cat has allergies, their immune system becomes especially sensitive due to certain substan... Read More

Hilarious and Adorable Dog Breeds You've Never Heard Of

Hilarious and Adorable Dog Breeds You've Never Heard Of  Read More

From Teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs are one of the most diverse species of mammals on the planet. With more than 150 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, there are bound to be... Read More

Petnet Testimonial: Helen and Michael

Petnet Testimonial: Helen and Michael  Read More

Helen and Michael are parents of three—two of which are furry dogs, Ginger and Gia. With a baby son into the mix, they both lead a busy life with their own unpredictable schedules, Helen being... Read More

Portion Control with Dom Woof

Portion Control with Dom Woof  Read More

Dom the Frenchie fell into a food coma last week. Reason? Bad portion control. Dom loves food like we humans do, but he has a little problem with self-control. Is your dog the same? Her... Read More

Petnet Testimonial: Permanent Records

Petnet Testimonial: Permanent Records  Read More

Liz from Permanent Records owns three cats, all of which are strays. Frankie, her biggest eater, used to cause problems with other Permanent Records workers from meowing at them when she wanted f... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Support Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Support Dogs  Read More

Emotional support animals provide comfort, affection and meaningful companionship for people suffering from either a mental or emotional condition. The bond created between an owner and their e... Read More

Petnet Testimonial: Morgen and Jessy

Petnet Testimonial: Morgen and Jessy  Read More

For Morgen and Jessy, a quiet home was necessary for their one-year-old baby Bowie. But as they live in a loft in downtown Long Beach, their cat Sufiq’s early morning meowing and late night howli... Read More

This is Dom: The Un-simple French Bulldog

This is Dom: The Un-simple French Bulldog  Read More

He looks like any ol’ Frenchie that you’ve seen pooping at the park, but he’s not just any ol’ Frenchie. As an ex-farmer of an organic French farm, a philosophy graduate of the prestigious Eco... Read More