Helpful Tips for Pets with Arthritis
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Helpful Tips for Pets with Arthritis  Read More

What is arthritis? Arthritis is not solely a human disease. Both dogs and cats can suffer from arthritis. Arthritis or degenerative joint disease is generally defined as “inflammation of the joint... Read More

Are You Brave Enough to Give Your Cat a Bath?
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Are You Brave Enough to Give Your Cat a Bath?  Read More

Everyone knows cats hate baths, right? Well, that’s mostly true, some cats, especially cats in the wild like cougars and jaguars actually like water and will soak in it if given the opportunity. So... Read More

National Heartworm Awareness Month
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National Heartworm Awareness Month  Read More

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month so we thought it appropriate to talk about this common and serious pet health issue. What is heartworm? Heartworm is a serious canine and feline dise... Read More

Petnet Exercise Tips: Exercising Your Small Dog
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Petnet Exercise Tips: Exercising Your Small Dog  Read More

So far in our Petnet Exercise Tips series, we have covered, Exercise Tips for Your Cat and Exercise Tips for Your Large Dog . Today we are going to offer a look at exercises for your small dog. ... Read More

Trimming Your Dog's Toenails
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Trimming Your Dog's Toenails  Read More

Dog’s have four toes on each paw. They also have a vestigial toe (dewclaw) on the front paws and some breeds have them on the rear paws too. A few breeds (St. Bernard, Anatolian Shepherd ), even ha... Read More

Pet Poison Prevention Month
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Pet Poison Prevention Month  Read More

March 16th-22nd was designated National Poison Prevention Week by Congress in 1961. Over the years it has expanded to the entire month of March, but it’s goal continues to focus on raising awarenes... Read More

Petnet Tips for Exercising Your Cat
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Petnet Tips for Exercising Your Cat  Read More

People don’t often think about exercising their cats, but trust us, cats need exercise, just like dogs and humans do. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention almost 60% of the cats ... Read More

Why You Should Adopt Your Next Pet
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Why You Should Adopt Your Next Pet  Read More

According to the ASPCA over 6.5 million pets enter a public animal shelter each year. The numbers are almost evenly split between cats and dogs. Almost half of those pets are euthanized. That’... Read More

Can My Pet Be a Vegetarian?
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Can My Pet Be a Vegetarian?  Read More

The popularity of eating a vegan or vegetarian diet has continued to grow slowly over the last decade. Worldwide, the number of vegetarians is estimated to be 375 million. In the US, the overall pe... Read More

February is Pet Dental Health Month
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February is Pet Dental Health Month  Read More

Your pet’s dental health has gotten a lot more attention in recent years as advances in treatment have become widespread. It’s no longer enough to give your dog a ‘teeth cleaning’ dog chew to rid... Read More