Pet of the Week: Hobbes kitty


Hobbes’s Petnet App Stats
Age: 3
Weight: 14 pounds
Activity Level: Low-Moderate
Number of feedings per day: 1-3
Eating Portion routine: 3/16th cup
Food: Wellness Adult Health, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey


Hobbes’s Bio
Location: San Francisco
Birthday: April 1, 2012
Relationship Status: Not Available
How did you meet your Mommy/Daddy? Humom stopped into the shelter on her lunch break one day and it was love at first sight!
Shelter/Organization did you come from? Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue
Favorite Snack? Anything from the humans’ plates.
Favorite Toy? Ping pong balls
Dislikes: New people make me very nervous.
Favorite Past times: Going on leashed walks in the backyard, people/bird watching, sniffing things.
Funny Story: I have a lot of dog-like tendencies. I follow the humans from room to room, talk back, lay on my back for tummy rubs and beg to go out on a leash.


Follow Hobbe kitty’s Instagram: @hobbestkitty

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