Pet of the Week: Loki


Loki’s Petnet App Stats
4.5 years old
Weight: 25 pounds
Activity Level: Normal
Number of feedings per day: 2
Eating Portion routine: 12 pm – 3/4 cup, 7:30 pm -3/4 cup
Food: Royal Canin Reduced Protein


Loki’s Bio
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Birthday: May, 2011
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle
How did you meet your Dad? My dad was looking for a corgi one summer and found my breeder after lots of researching. I took a flight from Oklahoma (my birthplace) to Vancouver (my current home) when I was about 3 months old; I guess you could say that I have dual citizenship!
Favorite Snack? Dried Sweet Potato Treats, Banana chips
Favorite Toy? Squeaky Fish Plush Toy
Dislikes: Bikes, vacuum cleaners, thunder storms, and getting my teeth brushed!
Hobbies: Playing with my hamster named Ham Ham, going for long walks on the beach, checking myself out in the mirror, making funny videos for my social media pages
Funny Story: On my first morning in my Vancouver home, I came out of my crate and took a little poop in the middle of the hallway. I was too cute so I didn’t get yelled at. It was a nice little housewarming gift for my dad ;)


Follow Loki!

Facebook: @lokithecorgi
Instagram: @lokistagram
Snapchat: LokiandHam
Youtube: corgistagram

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