Pet of the Week: Rukas


Rukas’s Petnet App Stats
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 6 lbs
Activity Level: Inactive
Number of feedings per day: 2
Eating Portion Routine: 1/4 cup
Food: Petcurean Now Cat Food


Rukas’s Bio
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Adoptaversary: June 2013
Relationship Status: Bachelor living in my bachelor pad
How did you meet your Mommy/Daddy? Facebook
Shelter/Organization? Old Bridge Animal Shelter
Favorite Snack? Whipped Cream
Favorite Toy? Boxes
Dislikes: Children
Hobbies: Sitting in boxes, drinking water from the toilet
Funny Fact: Although Rukas does not like children, he LOVES kittens. We realized this when we started fostering kittens. Rukas would guide them throughout the house and take care of them. He cuddles and licks them clean!


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Instagram: @rukasthecat

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