Healthy Ingredients for Your Pet: Manganese

The next ingredient we’re covering in our ongoing series on Healthy Ingredients for Your Pet is manganese. Manganese probably isn’t something you are very familiar with, but it is widely found in different forms in pet foods.

What is manganese?

Manganese is a trace mineral that is not found as a free element in nature, but can be found in minerals in combination with iron. It can be found in whole grains, seeds, nuts, and proteins such as salmon, beef or rabbit, and eggs or leafy green vegetables like spinach.

If you read your pet food labels, you will see many types of manganese, such as manganese sulfate, manganous oxide or manganese proteinate. The delivery of the manganese varies depending on the manufacturer, with some of them saying the proteinated minerals are more readily absorbed, but others point to regulatory requirements for why multiple forms are included. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter as long as the targeted levels of manganese are reached.

Why would it be in pet food?
Manganese is an essential mineral for all animals, needed for bone growth and proper thyroid hormone production. It contains a wealth of antioxidants. Manganese also helps your pets to digest and absorb proteins and carbohydrates, and aids in the activation of enzymes that help your pet utilize the fatty acids in their diet.  Manganese can help slow the aging process.

Are there any risks to feeding your pet manganese?

There are no risks to feeding your pet foods containing manganese It is harmful however if your pet lacks enough manganese in their diet. If you are a pet owner that feeds ‘raw’ or makes their own pet food, be sure you find sources of manganese and ensure your pet gets their required allowance.

Some signs of deficiency would be:

  • Skin and hair abnormalities
  • Bond and joint development issues

Manganese Factoids
Manganese is the chemical symbol (Mn). It has an atomic number of twenty-five, and has twenty-five protons in the nucleus of an atom.

Manganese is one of the most common elements in Earth's crust and is widely distributed across the planet's surface.

The purple color of amethysts is caused by manganese.

Pet foods that contain manganese
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