Pet of the Week: Super Corgi Jojo


Jojo’s Petnet App Stats
Age: 5
Weight: 37 lbs
Activity Level: Active
Number of feedings per day: 2
Eating Portion routine: 1 cup in the morning, 3/4 cup in the evening
Food: I And Love and You


Watch Jojo surf some waves in the Pacific!

Jojo’s Bio
 San Diego
Birthday: January 29, 2010
Relationship Status: Super Single Stud
How did you meet your Parents? Jono met his mommy in Seattle from a breeder. I was a surprise, the best surprise she has ever gotten
Favorite Snack? bully stick, whimzees and zukes
Favorite Toy? lazer, tennis ball
Dislikes: Bubble wrap in packages and when people open the soda cans.
Hobbies: Surfing during a hurricane with thirteen foot waves, hanging out with Mickey at Disney, raising money for furfriends in need or veterans, volunteering, going paddleboarding, surfing in Hawaii, going to Aulani in Disney Fawaii, hiking potato chip rock, going to Disney World, swimming at the water park with over 20 corgis splish splash doing corgi flops!!!
Fun Fact: Jojo really think he is a life saver! He hates it when people jump into the pool or when they do jumping jacks because Jojo thinks they are either going to drown if they jump into the pool or there going to fall when they do jumping jacks. So he has to go in and save you!!


Follow Jojo! 

Instagram: @supercorgi_jojo
Twitter: @supercorgi_jojo

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