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Steps to check for charging issues.

  1. Using the release latch, remove the bowl from the feeder base. Look inside the feeder base on the bottom right for 12 gold connection pins. If you see any pins that look “stuck” pushed in or damaged/ bent, contact our Customer Support Team at or at (855) 738-4650. If not, continue to the next step. 
  2. While your bowl is out of the feeder base, power cycle the bowl,  then plug the micro USB cord directly into the back of the bowl. Wait for LED lights to flash. If the lights flash, this means that  your bowl is receiving power. 
  3. Slide the bowl back into the feeder base carefully while pressing on the release latch. Look in the back of the feeder base for what would appear to be a damaged Micro-USB port. If you see a damaged Micro-USB port, contact Customer Support.